Lincoln Prep, Class of 1994, 10 Year Reunion
Trago: June 18th, 2004
Hampton Inn: June 19th, 2004

Trago and Hampton Inn
( Photos courtesy Nicole Smith)


Trago: Friday
( Photos courtesy Lotanya Shanklin)

Hampton Inn: Saturday
( Photos courtesy Lotanya Shanklin)

Hampton Inn
(Photos courtesy Joel Bruner)


OK! All Ready Now - Smile!

<sigh> OK relax!

Thanks Bandy and Nicole for the planning & food (and tshirt!)
And to everyone for coming and having a nice couple of evenings.
I had a great time doin' the line/step dancing with the ladies :)


NEW Photos of the School (2004)

Contact List (PDF)

1994 Events (PDF)

Thanks for the photos -- if anyone has more email them to me and I will post them.
Or any quotes etc... Joel

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